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Me Myself and I

Originally from San Diego, CA, I have been writing, acting, dancing, sewing, taking photos, and drawing since childhood. A lot of my art began in collages and poetry, as a teenager and turned into furniture decorating in which I collaged and painted on discarded and worn pieces of furniture. Because my primary focus has always been acting I kept my art to a minimum, only drawing for sketches of costume designs, and sewing garments, pillows and stuffed animals. In 2007 I built my first dollhouse from a plywood kit and incorporated my collage and painting techniques previously used on furniture. Early in 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer and found solace in writing, acting and painting. I began attending Art Therapy and found a deep love for watercolour. I find painting and creating all art is not only healing but helps us tell our story when words alone cannot. Most of my watercolour paintings are influenced by my experience with breast cancer, chemotherapy and New York City and how the three have combined in re-creating my new normal.

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